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To live with nature
But Paradise is so dull
When desires rule

LAST KISS: It was the last kiss. A rainy day by the
side of the road. It felt like heaven. Then we parted;
she into the oncoming traffic – thinking of me, and
not the car that killed her. And now, as my blood
drains, I know the last kiss will be for eternity.

She was luscious, true
Yet personality, nil
But who needs to talk?

Philip Osophy says:
Who are you? I may seem to know you, but do I really? Does anyone really know anyone? We live in an image conscious world, and this is born in the conflict of your mind. The true you is the one inside, and the person people interact with is more a façade – a mask – crafted for social interaction. Maybe we don’t know anyone at all.

Blogger Bard says:
He felt happiness
No more ghosts to haunt his life
Now that he had died

THWART: Was Cyberspace a timeless parallel world? When
the film maker deleted his CGI dinosaurs there were 2
left to thwart. A new reality bit him.

Swim in the aura
To possess another soul
And drown in their thoughts

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They Get Inside, You Know: They felt good to be back on Homeworld. It had been a rewarding fact finding mission. Earth was about to become conscious, they knew, so as mind parasites, they had inhabited humans for as long as it took to know all they wanted to know. Several thousand years each and they’d lived inside hundreds. And the only effect on the humans? The feeling they had lived before.

Future people will search it out,
Changing society to add some clout,
To the idea that paradise can be,
Our ultimate, yearned for, destiny;
Throughout time we’ve dreamt it’s there,
Forgetting Utopia means nowhere



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