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Crimson – so vivid
At crime scenes you see it often
Blushes of the fool

ZOO: No one knew who began it, but taking species
from different epochs and creating a time zoo was
novel. No one knew who captured the dinosaurs,
or humans, or androids, or interplanetary species.
No one knew whether it existed in the past,
present or future. Indeed, no one knew whether
they were visitors or exhibits.

Poor soul wanders
Lost, not knowing what it is
Science banished it

Philip Osophy says:
The idea that there is consciousness within the universe will not go away. One way is to see it is as similar to the internet – something vast we all have access to. This allows us to see a possible consciousness as an enabler rather than dictator, with spirituality being a form of access, the ‘system’ providing evidence of what you want to believe. How democratic.

Blogger Bard says:
Turn the page of life
New twists to my story now
Am I my author?

DREAM: She sat on the park bench smiling, not
seeing what other’s saw. Hurt, she dreamt of her
own reality; of one of them dead. As was she.

The balloon won’t land
Went round the world, then nightmare!
The eighty first day

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It Begins With a Wink: I looked at the mirror once more, unable to believe what I had seen. Yet there was no doubt about it. The mirror had winked. Doing so a second time, I jumped. If only it had been my reflection. But it wasn’t. Behind me a chair crept forward.

Tasty girl, took her out,
Twice a week, always my shout,
Lovely meals, food piled high,
Gets more attractive, can’t deny;
She’ll soon be right, taste buds tell,
I want her now! Dining bell,
Yet always such a sad, sad song,
But I’ll find another when she’s gone



British Fantasy Society
Horror Writers Association
World Science Fiction Society
The Poetry Society
Crime Writers Association
Pen International


Amnesty International
Citizens Advice Bureau
ME Association
Royal British Legion
Mental Health Foundation
World Wildlife Fund

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