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Polly Ticks says: Brexit deal done. UK got best deal – so far. Theresa May bluff & bluster worked. Take note, remainders. Now, pass me the fudge.
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Major de Ranger says:
President Trump is going round the world stirring up hot spots. North Korea, Palestine. Bad smell going round the world. But nothing’s worked so far.
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Guru Tony says: As large parts of UK come to a halt ‘cos of snow, let’s tell the truth of efficiency. Just enough, just in time doesn’t work when problems arise.
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Philip Osophy says: New Nobel Prize winner says end of the world is only a tantrum away. Oh dear, we mustn’t get genuine hopes for peace mixed up with rhetoric.
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Blogger Bard says:
Crimson – so vivid
At crime scenes you see it often
Blushes of the fool

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