Welcome. I’m a thinker & storyteller. This site is a minimalist, easy read. You’ll find factual stuff on most subjects from politics to the paranormal + writing tips & fiction from crime to horror. Scroll down to begin the journey into my blog; or click my main pages to enter a website with more depth than the Tardis:

Thinker’s Corner Scribblers ‘r’ I PsychoMan

You’ll meet my writers from Polly Ticks to Philip Osophy, offering Pop Lit (bringing brevity to literature, making it for all) and P-ology – a microcosm of reality; of what is, and things that aren’t but should be – knowledge that speaks rather than baffles.

Rattler’s Tale   Eye On the World

When my world of Pop Lit & P-ology exists I’ll be happy. Help me make them exist; except my writers – then I’ll be insane. And this website is also about my books – oodles of them. Why not start with this:

Featuring 43 tales with a twist, poetry, memoirs and writing tips, I, Writer is the perfect introduction to my world. See Bookstore, top, or

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