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I’ve got a problem with all economic systems we have tried. They are all ‘system’ centred – in other words, based on ideology and not people. Hence, something that should serve us well never does.

Maybe we can get a better system by taking ideology out of the mix. But how do we do that? Easy – the clue is in the word ‘mix’. Take the three major types of systems tried – capitalism, collectivism and feudalism. The first offers initiative, but makes us too greedy; the second offers planning, but leads to lethargy; the third provides a layered economy, but becomes dictatorial.
What we need is a system taking the best of the three but ditching the bad. Here’s my take on how to do it.
Encourage raw entrepreneurial talent and turn them loose on aggressive capitalism, but the companies they create cannot sell to the public or manufacture things.
The manufacturing base should be centrally controlled, but they make things as ordered by entrepreneurs, to whom they sell. The entrepreneurs then sell on to local trade centres, who demand the local be taken into account, such as produce from local sources.
This all means that entrepreneurs who go bust can only affect themselves and not production or economy, factories are always safe from closure, and also free from socialist ‘plans’, the customer has a local outlet to complain to, and green policies are demanded at the point of use. So that’s it. All we need to drop is a single-system ideology.

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