I’ve spent over a quarter century writing on and researching the paranormal. I thought it was time I tried to pull all the strands of my ideas together in a Flash format.

A paranormal event is being experienced now not far from where you are. Note, I said paranormal and not supernatural. I highlight the difference because I don’t think other-worldly forces are involved. Rather, it seems to me that we are dealing with a wider, and rational psychology not yet fully understood by science.
Many believers may not like my use of words such as hallucination. However, new knowledge must take existing intellectual baggage with it, taking small steps into the unknown rather than great leaps of faith. By the end of the study I hope to show that all reality is part illusion, which is little different from hallucination.
A major stumbling block to understanding is the preponderance of labels attached to the subject. We speak of ghosts, of reincarnation, telepathy, the poltergeist and a host more. To me, these are not causes, but effects of the forces at work in paranormal phenomena.
This will become clear as the series progresses. But some will say: why bother? Is it a subject that deserves importance? Yes, it is! Infact, I’m convinced that an understanding of the paranormal can add greatly to human experience – and not understanding it leads to many problems we seem to be unable to overcome.

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