We think of reincarnation and mediumship as separate phenomena. One is said to produce an incarnation of a previous life, the other involving contact with the dead. But could it be that the only difference is culture?

An incarnation can come in two ways. Knowledge of a previous life can come into the mind, or the person can be hypnotized, the therapist asking if other lives are in there. Interestingly, when this phenomenon was first realized, incarnations were best produced by a therapist who believed reincarnation was possible. Hence, a form of transference could occur, similar to false memory syndrome. And as culture became accepting of the ability, such incarnations appear more and more.
This cultural aspect is equally valid with mediumship, where an entity comes into the mind of the medium. Yet this exact process has changed culturally over time. In the deep past the medium accessed nature spirits; later, culture decided they were demons; with spiritualism, the dead took centre stage; and today channellers access discarnate entities or alien lifeforms. Culture seems to be the primary factor, as if it is controlling the person.
Psychology can offer a possible culprit for such intrusions. In the case of multiple personality, the mind can seem to fragment into separate, seemingly outside, entities. The process is exact, and interestingly, literature of the phenomenon shows that sometimes the entities can appear as suggested by a therapist, as if he is defining a new culture for the person. Indeed, the process could be easier to achieve than we think. Your personality may not be yours.

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