If the paranormal exists, why don’t we experience it all the time? There’s a hint from the state of mind of many experiencers. Events are more likely to happen if the person is tired, distracted – even in the dream state – in other words, when they are released from information in the real world.

This ties in with meditation, where a greater knowing is achieved by cutting out the material world. They speak of ‘oneness’ with all, as if they’ve reached a wider form of communality. And a paranormal event usually involves such communality – with others or the environment.
In the past people seemed to be closer to this oneness, hence a greater belief in, and experience of, paranormal events – whereas today it seems to be on the wane. And I think this is all to do with concentration.
We are different to other species because of our technology, and essential to this is the ability to place information out of conscious thought in order to allow us to concentrate on a task in hand. In other words, we needed a repository for things we can temporarily forget.
I’d argue that this is the point where the conscious and unconscious mind evolved – and as our technology increased, producing more information, the unconscious grew further away from the conscious.
Alongside this evolving mind came the idea of individuality, the opposite of communality, so we can argue that communality is an aspect of the unconscious rather than conscious, thus removing paranormality from normal experience.
However, when outside information is reduced, the conscious and unconscious could move closer, allowing a hint of paranormality to intrude into consciousness.

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