A blogger bard 40 sec story

They landed on the planet amid a battle. The small settlement was under siege and the peaceful looking aliens looked so frightened.
This was in stark contrast to the attackers, who you could tell lived for war.

The Earthers immediately ran for cover into a cave. It was there they found the ancient almanac, and learnt of the sorrowful history of the place; and it was obvious it would cause shame.
As one they seemed to know what they had to do. Taking up arms, they counter attacked, and soon the settlement was saved.
Thanked, the Earthers took off to carry on their journey.
Leaving orbit, the wormhole took them by surprise and they landed on a planet amid a battle. It was a different area to where they had previously been, or been before that, and before that, and before that …
But they knew nothing of this. They simply found an almanac and felt ashamed. Confusion, knew the aliens, made excellent mercenaries.

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