A blogger bard 40 sec story

The alert went off when the Angel of Death fluttered across a Blue Moon.
Its vapid presence terrified us. No! It would not happen again! Visors fastened, assault rifles ready, we sprinted to the solar battlecars, knowing what had to be done.

As soon as we entered the Zone we saw the effects of the Black Death. It almost choked the air. Of course the Corporates tried their usual skirmishing tactics but we penetrated deep, and there, before us, we found it – and a full defensive system to stop us.
The battle raged for hours, the Corporates rushing us in their fanatical need to pollute. Some said we had been caught in an unconscious hatred of ourselves. It seemed the only way to explain it – why we lived with the Black Death all those decades.
But we turned back from the brink – began to fight, driving them to their own little corner of the globe. But now they’ve started again – this has got to be the end …
Well, the battle was won, the white foam covered the power station and I held a lump of Black Death in my hand, sickened by how it so nearly destroyed us in its liquid, solid and gaseous forms. But now we’d learnt and we left it in the ground – and the haze left the moon to shine.

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