When a mind intrusion occurs, such as a reincarnated person or contact with the dead by a medium, we can rationally say it does not involve existing dead entities.

But to do so, we must try to understand where the invasions come from. Two factors are vital. Why does the entity appear so real? Where does the sometimes accurate information come from?
Brain physiology can offer an answer to the first. In the split-brain concept we know that the two cerebral hemispheres of the brain can have opposing function. The left brain tends to be the rationalist, whilst the right brain is the fantasist, adding emotion, artistry, etc.
We live in the left brain most of the time, but it has been argued that the right brain can often intrude. When it does, it can appear like a discarnate voice or entity. To the creative type, this is the muse – the centre of inspiration. To others, immersed in a different type of culture, it could well be seen as the voice of the dead.
But what about the information an entity can convey? We live in a world of information without realizing it. Indeed, we only ‘remember’ information upon which we focus our attention. Yet, the rest of this information does not disappear. Rather, it seems it goes straight into the unconscious.
In a phenomenon know as Cryptomnesia this information can rise into consciousness. And it can be quite startling. Cases of reincarnation have been traced to novels, films or articles, sometimes with errors intact. In one case a Swedish girl remembered a Medieval song in Old English from a book she simply flicked through in a library. When regressed hypnotically to remember a past life, the song attached to the life, colouring a fantasized entity with fact. And cryptomnesia can go on to answer so much more …

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