A blogger bard 40 sec story

Sally knew some cases affected you more than others.
As a detective she was used to shocks but being called to THAT body stretched her. After all, they looked so similar.

Maybe she went on to identify with her after that – it became a mission to get the killer. She delved deep into the case and it was soon obvious there had been witnesses – and equally obvious that the guy they’d seen was a local gangster called Brad Jones.
As her boss I tried to hold her back a bit, then – call it intuition – but she was determined to bring him in.
I pulled his file as she went off. That’s when I discovered they’d had history a long time ago – and that Sally knew a great deal about him – maybe too much.
And as I realized it could be a case of mistaken identity, I raced after her, just breaking into his flat in time to see the body drop to the floor.
Later, as I debriefed Sally, I couldn’t help but think it had been an assassination.

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