Mount Pinatubo is a volcano in the Philippines. And when steam began to rise from it in early 1991, US personnel at the Clarke USAF base gave it due reverence.

Within days, scientists were monitoring the volcano, and after a series minor quakes, they were satisfied a large eruption was imminent. The thousands of personnel moved out just in time.
On 15 June 1991, Pinatubo blew, becoming the second largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century. Blasting two cubic miles of gas and ash into the air, the cloud spread to ten miles across and rose 130,000 feet into the air. The sky darkened and night came to the area. As the ash fell, it destroyed thousands of homes, covered 200,000 acres of land and took about four hundred lives. And if this was not enough, a typhoon arrived, turning the ash into mud flows that swept away everything in its path. On a global perspective, the ash that remained in the upper atmosphere caused a worldwide drop in temperature.

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