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We like to think of knowledge as truth, but if this is so why does it keep changing? Looking at the various knowledge systems throughout history it becomes clear that knowledge is really an intellectual reflection of how we see the universe. And from that knowledge comes control – hence, society also becomes a reflection of the universe.

This is why a Godly society had a particular order, meaning and direction. The universe was ordered by God. Today it is very different. The universe is chaotic and the result of chance. Hence, order, meaning and direction seem to be disappearing.
But there’s another element to knowledge. It decides how we think. A religious society is more holistic, looking at things as a whole. In our fragmented universe, this overview has gone, leaving us with a specialized form of knowledge.
This is why the Renaissance Man has disappeared. And whilst this may provide great benefits, I’m sure a holistic view alongside the specialized could help us towards a much more balanced view of knowledge. I wonder if the universe will change any time soon to allow this?

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