A Blogger bard 40 sec story

Danvers worked his way up the secretive Time Corporation quite quickly.
It was a career full of hassle, but he was determined to inject his own ideas into the process.

His family thought it a strange move as he dreamt of wealth, yet his research position provided little. But even they didn’t know that his work, alone, at night, had a hidden agenda.
He’d go back to the early 21st century, check the stock exchange, then go back a week earlier and play the future’s market. Transferring the amount to gold, he’d then return to his present time and deposit it, his wealth increasing in kind. Yet it was inevitable he’d get greedy.
Of course, the markets blamed sub prime mortgages.
After all, how could they explain how so much credit seemed to disappear overnight?
As for Danvers, his greed got to him in another way. The initial idea for time travel had just begun to form. Unfortunately, the economic climate made it impossible for any company to take the project on, and the idea was lost – leaving Danvers to never be born.

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