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He looked in the mirror, flashed his smile,
The mirror winked back, he’d passed the trial,

In babe-magnet shirt and mohair suit,
Thoughts of the night began to take root,
Out he went, howling with pride,
Heading for the place where women reside;
The Full Moon Club was his favourite joint,
Where he knew the babes would surely anoint,
His irresistible charm with the other sex,
His one-liners cool, never vex;
Picking the girl for his fun tonight,
He coaxed her out into the bright,
Ethereal glare of the glorious full moon,
Knowing his appeal could make her swoon,
But a cloud clothed the orb, malicious craft,
When he took off his clothes, she laughed

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Bard Stuff is Volume 2 of my I, Poet series and
continues the dual fun and depth of my work.
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