We have never been alone. We may exist in a physical world, but always there has been a spiritual world parallel to it. It was first realized in the ritual of ancient tribes who gave everything that was physical a spirit twin.

This was the birth of nature spirits. And as culture progressed it changed in kind. Today it is reflected by many in a world of aliens, but is also known as Afterlife.
The Near Death Experience is said to be evidence of Afterlife. Going down a tunnel, you can meet your dead and discarnate entities in a heavenly landscape. How real is it? Studies in the deep faint have shown that identical symbolism can be experienced, suggesting that the parallel world is of the mind. In this way, what is experienced bends to whatever culture the person belongs.
Fainting can be produced by hysteria, and it is interesting that early tribal ritual involved practices designed to create hysteria. Proceedings were led by a natural hysteric – shaman like – and the end result was unconsciousness.
As ritual developed through history, the idea of death and rebirth came into being. The mystic ‘died’, entered the spirit world, and was reborn. Could the Afterlife therefore be born from this early tribal experience, with the deep faint being thought of as a kind of death – a descent to the symbolic landscape his culture decrees he will see?
From this practice, mediumship first arose, and physical man communed with his spirit shadow. We can, of course, accept this as a possibility, but assign it to the world of pointless superstition. This is, I think, an error. For what was experienced in this symbolic world imbued man with purpose through belief.
And in re-adapting his physical world through his beliefs, we must ask: whether superstition or real, wouldn’t the outcome be the same? In carrying out actions as if something is real, we make it, on some level, a reality. As this study of the paranormal continues, this is an idea we must keep uppermost in our minds.

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