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When I think back to how it was, I can’t believe it happened to me. There I was, a nobody, living a typical life of a teenager. Eighteen years old, a girlfriend, a job – of sorts – but mainly boredom. And then I auditioned for the TV talent show.

I knew I had a good voice. I’d even been told I had ‘presence’. And well, we know how it went from there.
I won! Millions voted for me, and suddenly I was the star.
Oh man, how life changed. It was incredible. The girls, the adulation, the crowds screaming like that!
It’s hard to explain how it is to BE somebody, to have people know your name, to have people aspire to be like you.
The money poured in, of course.

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It was hard work, but I deserved that money. And okay, some people think I became rather outrageous, and I suppose I did – a larger than life character, bedding all those girls, the booze, the drugs, the statements on life, the universe and everything …
Oh, what the hell – I enjoyed it! It was great! I was the luckiest man on Earth!
Yeah, right!
Well, mom, if only I’d been allowed to live as me, rather than that soulless image that was created for me, I wouldn’t be writing this suicide note ….

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