A blogger bard 40 sec story

The story – well, the moral at least – is in the journey.
A good job really, ‘cos I cannot reach the destination.
She was dead, you see – the love of my life, taken from me. Murdered.

And the night I found her body, I vowed I would laugh over her killer’s grave.
Of course, I had a good idea who had killed her – or at least had ordered her death. She’d worked for him in the past and he, being a gangster, had reason to silence her now.
Well, I killed, too.
I was, of course, soon caught by the police. After all, I’m not a pro at this. And I was incarcerated in the local high security prison.
I felt sorry for the guy, really. After all, he WAS innocent. But how else was I to get to a gangster on remand awaiting trial?
Well, I’m a double killer now, and my journey down the years begins, as I await the day when I can laugh over his grave.

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