A blogger bard 40 sec story

Of course the Super thought I’d gone mad when I pulled the cop out of the patrol car and thumped him, but I knew different.
It had begun that morning with a tip-off that the bank manager’s family were being held hostage.

I went straight to their house, looked it over, realised it was true. And when I saw young Benny – a known criminal – go into the house, I knew it would be a busy day.
We surrounded the bank and the house with plain clothes, a couple of patrol cars waiting round the corner from the bank. Then the waiting game started.
I don’t know exactly how I knew – perhaps it was young Benny. He just didn’t seem right it that role. He was just too much of a petty thief, and totally non-violent.
Well, I was right – and having explained to the Super, we got them as they exited the bank round the corner. Mindst you, it was strange to see villains robbing a bank in police uniforms.

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