On the morning of 18 June 1982 the body of Roberto Calvi, president of the Italian Banco Ambrosiano, was found, hanged under Blackfriar’s Bridge in London.

A convicted embezzler whose actions had led to the collapse of the bank, he was known as ‘God’s Banker’, with the Vatican Bank its main shareholder. Many theorists claim the bank was used for laundering Mafia drugs money. Did Calvi commit suicide? Initially, this seemed to be the case. But two inquests and an inquiry suggested murder.
Conspiracy theorists are convinced Calvi was murdered. For the whole thing was just one episode of the infamous masonic P2, a secret society within the Italian establishment set up at the end of World War Two to combat the rise of communism. After the war, it was said to have been given a helping hand by the CIA. Hence, with an organisation that placed, in the same pot, the CIA, the Vatican, Mafia, Italian politics and the secret of Freemasonry, the whole thing just had to be one big conspiracy.

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