In December 1995, sixteen corpses were discovered on a plateau in the French Alps in the shape of a star. This was the second mass suicide of the Order of the Solar Temple, a cult formed by fraudster Joseph di Mambro and homeopath Luc Jouret.

The first had been fourteen months earlier, involving infernos in two Swiss chalet complexes, preceded by the suspicious deaths, by fire, of five members including a young mother and child in Canada.
The Solar Temple was based on a mix of Knights Templar mythology and new age mysticism, with a distinct apocalyptic nature that would lead to a new spiritual existence. But what brought their apocalypse so soon? It is interesting that Di Mambro had a daughter called Emanuelle, known as a Cosmic Child. However, the child that died in Canada was a boy called Emmanuel. Di Mambro was known to be affronted by this boy being named after the Cosmic Child, branding him the antiChrist. Whether out of revenge, or the naming being a signal for Armageddon, the suicides seem to be mixed up with the boy.

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