The template for the sex scandal is undoubtedly the notorious Italian, Giacomo Casanova. Indeed, his name, Casanova, has become synonymous with amorous adventure.

Born in 1725, he entered university at twelve and had a degree by seventeen before beginning a series of adventures and friendships which bring to life his famous ‘memoirs’. Often refuted as pure fiction, Casanova associated himself with many great popes, musicians, writers and royalty as he toured from city to city. Highly educated, he was a musician, playwright, mathematician, spy, wit and journalist.
Exceptionally handsome and dandyish with jet black hair, he was also a confidence trickster, gambler and supposed alchemist and magician. Often jailed, he could just as often escape, once getting away across rooftops. And he was, of course, a total romantic, seducing women whenever he had the chance. Indeed, he held the modern view that women should enjoy sex too, which he did his best to guarantee. As to the stories of his magical abilities, best to think of him as a charismatic, with the power to hypnotise with his looks and cheek.

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