On 11 September 2001 Al Qaeda terrorists hijacked four domestic American airliners and flew two into the World Trade Centre, one into the Pentagon, and a fourth crashed in Philadelphia, most likely because the passengers had taken action of their own.

The image this terrorist act created has already been classed as one of the most iconic images of the century. As the towers burned and then fell, the image had a horrific beauty which will remain with history forever. And it was inevitable that such iconography would soon be mixed with conspiracy.
Why is it that the fighters sent up to take out the airliners completely failed to do so, even though the procedure was well-rehearsed? Why didn’t the FBI and CIA have the terrorists in their radar – after all, it was well known that the World Trade Centre was target number one? How do we account for President George W Bush seeming to have seen footage of the first plane hitting the towers when no such footage existed? As for the Pentagon attack, how could such a small hole appear in the building when such a large aircraft was involved?

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