A blogger bard 40 sec story

They were ready to cook, and chef had prepared the creature, ready to put it on the spit.
They’d been on the planet for nearly a month now and reached the phase where they were to try living on what was available – after all, if it was to be colonized, this is how it would be.

Of course, it took some getting used to. There was ice even in the heat of summer – not water-based, I must add – and they had to be careful of falling icicles.
The one disappointment was the lack of sentient life – after all, initial surveys from space had been hopeful, with signs of construction, but it was obvious they’d been wrong.
It had been argued that maybe the primary species was so advanced that mere humans would not understand their degree of sentience. And as the creature was speared by the spit, it could only agree.

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