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If we remember the pain can we avoid it?
I ask because I’m stuck in a time loop. I never realized at first – well, I say ‘first’, but for all I know I could have been here for eternity.

I passed the fruit seller and old soldier and thought nothing of it, but when a glimpse of recognition came I wondered just what was going on.
Had I seen them before?
And from the sadness on their faces I thought I must have. Looking down and seeing my footprints only added to my feeling. After all, how could I leave footprints before I’d walked there?
The familiarity with the old soldier and fruit seller increased the more I passed; and that’s when I began to notice my future footprints were becoming more laboured, as if there was something to dread ahead of me.
And soon, of course, I began to remember the pain I was about to suffer. But can I break a time loop?
I think I can. I don’t think I’ll be passing by here many more times before I shoot myself dead.

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