A Blogger bard 40 sec story

Religion had been banned long ago – the Atheist Constitution had seen to that. And with the Tick Tock Administration, even the thought of deviance from the factual had been buried.

Indeed, the Tick Tock Men produced a most reliable society, with everything in its place, and never a stray thought. So it was with amazement that they viewed the sudden appearance of the Religionist.
He was a most scruffy, long haired man with mania in his eyes. People quickly gathered around him to hear what he said, many ending up LATE!
The Tick Tock Men tried everything to prize them from him, but after a while they began to notice the device he carried with him.
Finally taking it from him, they decided it was some kind of hypnosis machine, but when they opened it, they found it to be empty – which left only one shocking conclusion.
Religion was still in their hearts.

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