Conspiriologists blame the strange behaviour of inadequate loners who become assassins on the mind control techniques of the sinister US organisation MK-Ultra.

The idea of such mind control became popular following Richard Condon’s book, ‘The Manchurian Candidate’, in which a US soldier was caught by the Chinese in Korea, brain-washed, and sent back to America hypnotically programmed to assassinate a Presidential candidate, even though he was not aware of this fact.
An actual CIA backed MK-Ultra programme is known to have been run from 1953-73, which included research on producing such assassins. However, the programme was shut down due to lack of success and over indulgence.
Details of its activities were revealed by the Rochefeller Commission into CIA abuses in June 1975, and by the investigations of conspiriologist John Marks.
Their many experiments included taking prostitutes to safe houses, giving them cocktails of LSD, and photographing the effects. In another test, a Dr Gottlieb, one of the researchers into hallucinogens, spiked the drinks of many of his co-workers with LSD. One of them, Dr Frank Olsen, became psychotic and, in 1953, threw himself out of a window. Was it suicide, or had his mind been adapted?

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