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‘The subject is called Alfred,’ the doctor said as he leant over the young man on the couch.
It was the early 1920s and psychoanalysis was all the rage. Although the doctor’s present series of experiments were perhaps not what Dr Freud would have hoped. But seeing he had kidnapped the young man, and afterwards he would remember little of the experience, he was sure he was safe.

His assistant, Constance Muse, approached the couch. She didn’t smile. She simply said: ‘Should I begin?’
The doctor replied in the affirmative, and Constance laid her hands on the subject’s head and concentrated …

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It was to be decades before the phenomenon of ‘false memories’ would be known, and no one would ever know of Miss Muse, and her brilliance. Indeed, the idea of purposely placing false images in the mind during hypnosis would have been thought of as nothing more than a witch placing a spell. But scientific research was all she was interested in – the morality of it didn’t appear on her radar.
With the doctor in attendance, she placed a series of imagined images in his mind one by one, and half an hour later, she was finished. And from that point on, all she had to do was wait and see if the experiment was successful and played a part in his life.
The subject, of course, would remember little of this. Indeed, his only conscious image was of a strange, cold unemotional woman.
Alfred grew into an obese, balding man, his mind full of images. Upon leaving the ‘institution’ he drove a while and decided to spend the night in a motel. It was a pleasant gentleman called Norman who showed him to the room. He did, of course, feel somewhat grubby after this experience he could hardly remember. But for some reason, he just could not face going for a shower.

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