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Oh, life can be such fun – at times. Well, in this ‘time’, at least. You see, I’m a bit of a rogue – okay, some would call me a vindictive super-criminal, but I deny that. Although that didn’t stop the Time Directorate pronouncing sentence once they caught me. I gave them a good run for their money, escaping into century after century, but when they did, I was banished to the early 21st century – you know, close to the end of the Age of Barbarism.

They often sent us back to this time, locking us out of the future, ‘cos they argued there was so much mischief going on, our own antics would hardly be noticed. Except, that is, for Dixon. Now Dixon was one smart cop, even for this age. And always he was on my tail. No matter what I tried to do, there he was, and to be honest with you, I’d had enough. I tried to fix him several times, but the reality was he was too smart to be fixed in his time. And that’s when I hatched the plan.

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I still had enough tech and know how for brief jumps into the past, and it was this I was going to manipulate. And sure enough, I planned it just perfect, arriving exactly 42 years, 243 days back in time. The mother was asleep, and as I looked at the new born child, I took out the surgi-knife …

Well, that was me off the hook – although I had quite a shock soon afterwards when I bumped into Dixon. We got talking. He was a salesman, but had always wanted to be a cop. Which he would have been if he hadn’t been born with a finger missing.

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