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My Manifesto 2017

Houses of ParliamentCh1: I believe in strong debate & green issues but at times – World War 2 or Brexit – UK needs national unity & strength.

Ch2: Brexit decision’s made. Get over it! In war & poker be strong & don’t show your hand. Let May become Theresa Will.

Ch3: Brexit is not only danger for future. Thru geography Russia is paranoid. Thru EU expansion East, it’s resurgent.

Note 1: There’s no natural barrier on Russia’s
western border & invasion is only stopped by
their winter – which no longer applies.

Ch4: UK needs self-reliance, strong economy & forces to again take its traditional role as guardian of Europe’s freedom.

Note 1: Being an island the UK is safer from
invasion & since 16th century British have been
1st & most decisive to help continent.

Ch5: The UK needs oodles of cash now. Sell routine surgery/post-op care (still free at point of use) & allow fracking. I don’t like it but needs must.

Note 1: Main problem for NHS is massive pay rises
for medics by New Labour which can’t be afforded.
Competition is now needed.

Ch6: Scrap state pension/benefits. Replace with liveable national wage for adults/children (paid to parent) with opt out for well paid.

Note 1: Allow an additional sum to be earned and
then govt cuts down on wage £ for £ until person
is fully supporting him/herself.

Ch7: A national wage would provide good welfare/pension system & massively cut costs to business making UK a trade giant.

Note 1: If you are not ill, disabled, elderly or
main carer bringing up children & refuse to work,
amount of wage is halved.

Note 2: Such a system cuts down massively on
administration, would banish poverty & allow
business zero-hrs contracts & reduced wages.

Ch8: Use new wealth to build up Forces to counter Russia & foster new political/economic ties with Europe & Commonwealth.

Note 1: Russia doesn’t want war but a buffer
zone against invasion. All Putin does has this in
mind. We need forces to limit its size.

Note 2: The Commonwealth is a wasted resource with
a third of the world’s population. It needs to
become a global player for balance.

Ch9: Vital to new political/economic system is a simple credo – cooperation, not integration!

Ch10: Once this road is open kick out the bastard Tories and move quickly towards truly green policies.

Ch11: As well as green policies begin movements to foster independent MPs and whittle away at anti-democratic parties.

Ch12: Foster idea of a World Congress – a talking shop & cooperative forum to help each other but remain independent.

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