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Eye On the World #11

Dr Illya Ness says … Donald Trump as President of a country analogous to a wind, sweeping away all? Trump is old English slang for a fart.

Polly Ticks says … IMF say Brexit would cause crash. Bull***t! It would cost billions to keep UK economy afloat or the world goes bust.

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Blogger Bard says:
Pulled by wind of change
Tethered by ropes of my past
Metaphor in sky

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Eye On the World #10

Polly Ticks says … Whodoinit to Jeremy Corbyn. Not David Cameron; he supports him; you CAN support while hating – if it’s to your advantage. Must be Blairite Labour.

Philip Osophy says … Eve of local elections. Following scandal, will Labour do bad? Blairite thought: We had to destroy the party to save it.

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Blogger Bard says:
Celebrate nature
Attached by unbreakable
umbilical cord

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North’s Review #5

Anthony North’s

Pappa Razzi says … Sheridan Smith – please, please sort yourself out. You’re a brilliant actress & the vultures are flying overhead. Survive.

Guru Tony says … Congrats Leicester City. Good to know big money can be beaten by a dream. A glimpse of light to dull the boring machine.

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