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Labouring Crime

Dr Illya Ness says … Pay to see doctor in UK? We have national insurance. If healthcare too expensive look at drugs profits & ridiculous salaries for doctors.
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Guru Tony says … Brit kids expected to learn fractions & study programming at age 5? Childhood was such a brief blip in the history of my country.
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Polly Ticks says … It seems obvious the Brit Labour Party is now pulling away from the Unions that created it. Ditch the name. Not deserved. GloboMan rules.
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My Writing Tips

THIEF: He was too good a thief.
Police by the dozen tried to catch him.
Finally caught, they got back what was
stolen. Their reputation.
There’s a smell about
Crime done, cops lost, victim hurt
A stench of despair
CONTRACT: He’d survived 4 murder
attempts in a week. Someone was after
him. He caught him when his killer went
for his rival. Taking a contract out
on himself had flushed him out.

BONES: Revenge is sweet. He hated me &
wanted to pull me to pieces bone by
bone. I hid. That was 50 yrs ago & now,
home, I dig up his grave. Revenge
IS sweet.

Alien Abduction – ET invites you for a prod. Similar to fairy abduction, vampire attack … Continuing cultural story of our fears.
Abnormal – nonsense. Suggests a norm, which is a tag placed on those who don’t conform to an elite’s view of itself.
Aardvark – strange creature. Few know what it is, what it does. Only know its habitat. Encyclopedia, page 1.

Blogger Bard says:

LETTER: The letter was anonymous but
made it clear his wife was having an
affair. A jealous type, he killed her
that night. If only he’d read next
door’s address.
ELECT: They blamed the rain. Only 1
turned out to vote. Only 1 to vote FOR.
She couldn’t vote for herself. The
people had spoken. She was elected.
GLOW: The glow came from below. He
suspected treasure and began to dig,
only to be disappointed. If only
he’d realised the treasure was
the glow itself.

by Anthony North
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Extreme Futures

Major de Ranger says … Egypt’s flirtation with democracy is over. Inevitable from the beginning. Democracy begins with dumping extremism. Oh, West, please note.
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Polly Ticks says … There’s talk of a £10,000 pay rise for Brit MPs. It’s going to be called a ‘rub their noses in it’ perk. How to lead by bad example.
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Guru Tony says … Climate change risks UK trade security? It needn’t have done if we hadn’t gone Globalised, stupidly thinking the world would stay at peace.
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You’ve read them. Now Meet the Team

My Writing Tips

KIN: I was stuck in the past. Although
a paradox, I went back to find myself,
but I was dead. Hence, a new me
became my grandfather.
So much trash in space
We read of it all the time
But hope this isn’t
ME ME: All we found on the dead planet
were large eggs. WE hatched out of them.
We finally discovered clone formula in
the air itself. They’d died out thru
lack of diversity.

CRIME: He returned from the future
with a mind 10 secs ahead. ‘Twas a gift
intuiting danger; ’til the killer came.
He got him first. What use a
gift in prison.

Zeitgeist – spirit of the age. No such thing. Imposition by hierarchy. People rebel – & are marginalised; or follow, chained.
Zen (koan) – paradoxical mysticism. One hand clap is easier with no arms; and my motorbike doesn’t work. Must get one.
Zodiac – grouping of 12 celestial signs, said to echo people’s character. Science says rubbish, but can belief change how you behave?

Blogger Bard says:

DREAM: They were trapped in virtual
reality. They evolved as millenia passed
& dreamt of a better world. Found, they
were trapped in virtual reality …
TRUSS: She was horrified. Her husband
had trussed up the squirrel, ready for
the pot. She’d only meant the nuts.
His jaw dropped – he hated diets.
FREEDOM: ‘Freedom always has a
cost,’ said the man on top. As he
subdued the other, he continued:
‘In my case, yours.’

by Anthony North
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Succinctly Yours, Magpie Tales, Poetry Pantry, ABC Wednesday, dVerse, Haiku My Heart, Friday Flash 55, Thursday 13

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