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Scary Civilisation

Dr Illya Ness says … Demand for food banks rising in UK. A sign that civilisation’s waning. It’s not about achievements alone, but how we treat the poorest.
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Polly Ticks says … Euroscepticism rising in EU. It had to happen. The Union could only work in times of affluence. Centralisation can’t save local economies.
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Major de Ranger says … Vague intelligence suggests chemical attacks in Syria. A line’s been crossed, says White House. Political adage: war is a great distraction.
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My Writing Tips

To crave the right word
Maybe I’m looking for brave
Oh no, it’s my grave
HORRORS: He had terrible thoughts
– of darkened, dusty rooms; of ghouls
& graves; of vampires & monsters galore.
‘Tis good he only writes stories.
Find the missing word
Maybe it can’t be in this form
Ah, there it is, my ….

ESCAPE: When the world shook he knew
he had to escape. All around him horror
& the monsters close. One more shake
& Mom rescued him from the dream.

Pagan – pre-Christian village people. Latest expression has a law: do as you will, but hurt none. And it’s thought sinister?
Pain – defence mechanism against hurt, and proof we wait until last minute to save ourselves.
Pandora – first mortal woman sent with box of evils. So similar to Eve. Strange how man always blames woman for his lusts.

Harry Fang says:

LIQUID: Ghosts came with the spray
as waves pounded the beach. I watched,
mesmerised, as liquid & thought mingled
into memories of all lost at sea.
VIE (A Sequel): Hell Auto Racer
Extreme vied with Tortured Eloise again.
Determined to win, he tried to run over
her. Stuck on her roof, she won by a head.
TEA TIME: When the animals took over
they enjoyed human food. Sitting down
to tea, they gorged. ‘I believe he was
called John,’ said Badger.

by Anthony North
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Boston and More

Guru Tony says … Thoughts on Boston: Crime outs society’s frustrations. Young middleclass angst. No moral compass. Access to learning & tech. Age of the Super-Brat.
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Polly Ticks says … IMF now say UK govt is too aggressive on cuts. Of course they are! This isn’t about measures to save economy, but destroying all things ‘left’.
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Prof Isaac Galistein says … Stark warning about global warming & effect on food production. Millions will starve. Does anyone remember climate change? It hasn’t gone away.
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My Writing Tips

DESTROYED: The couple hadn’t been
murdered, but destroyed. Decapitated.
And now the young woman put on her little
black dress & left her dolls forever.
He didn’t say please
Such a little word to say
Such crime to manners
CONNED: ‘Trust me, I’m a con man,’
he’d said. Was I unwise to go along with
his scam? Yet as the money went from his
pocket to mine, I said: ‘So am I.’

His life behind bars
No escape ’til his death
Dries him out at last

Oath – statement of commitment to God, country, whatever. Yet more often an excuse for a personal agenda.
Obsession – single-minded pursuit. Sometimes drives person to success, but usually causing the abandonment of truth & sanity.
Ordinary – what nobody is. Often used by a power structure – church, govt, statistician – as a social limiter of what you can acceptably be.

Blogger Bard says:

KNEAD: It was hard work being a
parent, but as he looked at the kids
on the point of adulthood he knew he
had kneaded them into people.
TWILIGHT: The dentist knew teeth
changed – due to diet, hygiene, beauty
– but as the young’s eye teeth
sharpened he blamed the movies.
BARED: To read of new knowledge; be
inspired – stripped bare of what you
once were. This, the road to salvation.
New clothes, as if Eve’s leaf.

by Anthony North
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My Maggie-Zine

Guru Tony on Maggie … Maggie Thatcher is dead. By the late 70s Brit socialism had gone mad. Thatcher smashed consensual politics so as to destroy socialism & the industrial base that allowed it. She prepared Britain for Big Biz Globalisation. Blair opened the gates. Cameron is finishing the job.
Polly Ticks on Maggie … In 1947 the Mont Pelerin Society – inc Hayek, Popper & Friedman – declared war on socialism & communism by use of think tanks to bring in free market economics. They created Thatcherism & Reaganomics. They won! But when a weapon has no target left, it turns on itself. It ripped the heart & soul out of my country.
Dr Illya Ness on Maggie …¬†Thatcher wiped out the UK skilled worker base. Millions went on the dole; lost hope; ended up sick; family decimated. Now the final phase of ‘kill socialism’ kicks in to wipe out & privatise the welfare state & national health service, those being supported scapegoated as ‘shirkers’. Thatcher’s death is diverting media from its full reportage.

My Inde-Pol sub domain, for a better way

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My Writing Tips

Predicting future
Sci Fi – the new prophecy
Tales of what’s to come
PLANKTON: The space whale basked
in the atmosphere of the planet. After
sucking it away, it went on, the
species following in cold storage.
Sci Fi has problem
Writers with great concepts but …
Not storytellers

FORGETFUL: After initial indecision
he raised courage to fight the galactic
monster. A shame the android hadn’t
also downloaded a gun.

Narcissism – exaggeration of normal self-importance. Perhaps a redundant word nowadays. Delete it. Just use ‘individual’ instead.
North Korea – led by demi-god. Fanatical lieutenants. Servile population in national compound. A cult, when isolated, can go Waco.
Nano-Tech – subatomic engineering. Could be useful in all areas of science – unless it wipes us out. Frankenstein’s monster could be a midget.

Blogger Bard says:

NEW LEAF: Every time he turned over a
new leaf he found a different face. One
day he hoped to find himself.
Quiet Heroes lay
Forgotten by history
They lived, loved, survived
POKER: Strip poker didn’t go well on
the hill above the 1930s village. He
lost his shirt; she her hat. He lost
HIS hat – and then his cards.

by Anthony North
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Capital Medicine

Polly Ticks says … A terrible week for the UK. Welfare reforms came into effect which plunge 100s of 1,000s into poverty – while the top rate of income tax is cut.
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Major de Ranger says … North Korea is playing stupid games with world peace. Hopefully sense will prevail, or that tiny border will become the most violent moment in history.
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Guru Tony says … 440,000 poor families in UK worse off by ¬£17.00/week due to bedroom tax. Two thirds have a disabled adult in the family. My country’s shame.
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My Writing Tips

He promised the world
She believed – left him an X
The last time she’d vote
THE CLUB: The debate went well.
Opposing parties but not a hair between
policy. Same club, you see; so no one
believing, no one caring, no one
watching. Totalitarianism complete.
New mind – multi task
New media – lots of channels
New squint – watch two screens

Like my sky-scraper?
Symbol of all that I am
What?!! Bent in middle?

Medicine – chemical concoction, thought to be always good. If it wasn’t made for profit – if it wasn’t handed out liberally – maybe.
Macbeth – Ssshhh! Don’t speak its name – the curse! Did loads to wrongly malign witches. We create the curse ourselves then scapegoat.
McCarthyism – vile US witchhunt against Communists. Just another name for more scapegoating in politics as normal.

Blogger Bard says:

BROADWAY: The theatre is in Broadway
but you won’t find it. Classic stars
perform classic plays. Yet tickets are
costly for the Dead Actors’ Society.
WISE YOUTH: Time Traveller takes us
back to when the 2 philosophers were kids.
But they’re donkeys, you say. But a wise
person usually begins as an ass.
PSYCH-GO: A shower scene. The
experience had cut deep – wound after
wound – but finally she had washed
him away. Alone – happy – she dried
her wounds.

by Anthony North
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