Posted by Anthony North on January 17, 2013

When it’s cold I like nothing better
than a novel based in a hot climate. If
you can’t get warm outside, feel it
inside. Psychology works. The MicroNovel
below is not one of them, though.

A MicroNovel of a horror-ible life
Harry Fang
Not to be read by Arachnophobics

Ch 1. The spider was there – it always was. But enough! I tortured it. Then … Splat! Yet … I could have sworn it gave a look of hate.

Ch 2. Can they get in the mind – your world? I imagined the beastie everywhere & such a web of circumstance began, as if trapped. Paranoia!

Ch 3. My descent into madness. Crawling thru life, the spiders crawling over my skin, unseen. I scratch – try to erase the bad. Scream!

Ch 4. I was stung; in everything. Career collapsed. Wife left. Sanity gone. I live in fevered mind – as do they. Crawling. Damn victimhood!

Ch 5. Driving will save me. Escape! Creditors, enemies, all crawl, itsie bitsie, towards me. And the wall! It hits my car. Blood. Do I die?

Ch 6. Elevator, down. Getting hot, dark. So this is death. Ebony black; those crawling monsters blacker. Is Hell for creepy crawlies? Am I?

Ch 7. The Doc said I went splat. But he rebuilt me; an intricate web of silk? Cocooned? But not my mind. No, not now they wanted revenge.

Ch 8. To cheat death. I drew into myself; went to the country. Recluse. Alone with nature, nest-led in harmony. To awaken, crawling over me.

Ch 9. There came a time. Hope arose. I shrouded myself in concrete – the city. Fewer horrors. Eased the mind. I could live. Go on. Thrive!

Ch 10. Confidence reborn. Was that all it took for rebirth? I spun my own web of optimism. A job came. A home. A woman! And fulfilment.

Ch 11. Life was good – as long as I didn’t look in the corner of my eye. The terrors, the monsters, gone. They do with a good woman to kiss.

Ch 12. If only vanity had not come, also. Why did I look in the mirror? See the world reversed, as it was! Then, consumed by a black widow.

Ch 13. Epilogue. Karma. I’m behind you, creeeping, crawwwling along. You can’t see me yet – ’til I touch your leg. Splat me!!! If you dare.

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  1. Juli @ A Universe in Words said on January 17, 2013

    I usually go for novels that make me feel warm on the inside, which is usually classics or personal favourites! Thanks for sharing!
    My BTT
    Juli @ Universe in Words

  2. Anthony North said on January 17, 2013

    Hi Juli, thanks for that. I like the classics, too.

  3. Tribute Books Mama said on January 17, 2013

    Good answer, it’s good to cozy up to a good thriller when the weather is cold.

  4. Anthony North said on January 17, 2013

    Hi Tribute Books Mama, it is indeed.

  5. Emma said on January 17, 2013

    totally freaked out now, thanks so much

  6. Anthony North said on January 17, 2013

    Hi Emma, freaked out in a good way I hope.

  7. Serena said on January 17, 2013

    This is so clever, as well as a great story and well-written. I am in awe.

  8. Anthony North said on January 18, 2013

    Hi Serena, many thanks for those kind words.

  9. Mrsupole said on January 19, 2013

    Hi Anthony,

    Yup, totally creepy story and has me wondering about the Karma thing. Making me think of how bugs see us and through their prism of life. I feel stalked right now. Great story and I hope all is well right now with the Karma thing.

    Thanks for playing with us in this weeks Theme Thursday Spiders. I think you really got this one down pat.

    Have a great weekend.

    God bless.

  10. Anthony North said on January 19, 2013

    Hi Mrsupole, thanks for that. Hope to play again.

  11. LadyInRead said on January 20, 2013

    Loved this Tony.. am inspired to write a micro-fiction Tony-style now.. my favorite chapters – 10 and 13

  12. Anthony North said on January 20, 2013

    Hi LadyInRead, many thanks for those kind words. I’ve been wanting to do this kind of thing for quite a while. Hopefully the first of many. And good luck with yours.

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