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Mini Mag 88

Polly Ticks says … Think tank warns Britain in danger of sliding back into recession in 2012. If think tanks can do no more than state the obvious, getting rid of these drains on our economy may save us.
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Prof Isaac Galistein says … Scientists want to add vitamin D to Scotland’s food to make them better. I wonder where the calls for dosing entire populations will end. Zombie-land?
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Guru Tony says … Funds for disaster relief falling fast as rich nations cut. If philanthrapists really want to help, fund an independent global relief system with manpower, supplies, bases. Though there might not be anything in it for you.
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Blogger Bard says:
Travel broadens mind
Different cultures, people, ways
Bigotry dissolves

TO CARRY ON: To demolish a mind. That was my choice after the … murder. To carry on without her. Make a resolution to transform my grief – make something of my life. At the end of the process I became a cop – a good one. And only now and then did I even consider the perfect crime and kill again.

Techie Without A Clue says:
Review of a life
Social networks incomplete
Just virtual you

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Mini Mag 87

Dr Illya Ness says … More children than thought may have chronic fatigue syndrome, says study. This is a vile condition, made worse by refusal of so many people, medics and governments to accept it.
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Pappa Razzi says … Supermarkets in the UK want to increase sales by 50%, prompting massive store opening programme. The ‘biggies’ are adept at destroying the smaller competition during economic crises.
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Major de Ranger says … South American countries ban Falklands ships in solidarity with Argentina. Economic crises cause need to divert attention to a bogeyman. And with military cuts, the UK could not fight a repeat of the war.
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BUOYANT: The mediums were buoyant
after opening their presents. Feet had
appeared & they were sure that, limb by
limb, they’d create an Xmas spirit.

Blogger Bard says:
Marilyn Monroe
Celluloid Aphrodite
Her spirit lives on

XENOGLOSSY: The elderly psychical researcher scratched his head as he wrote his report. It was a young girl who had been possessed, exhibited Xenoglossy (the ability to speak in strange tongue). Starting with the first two words, he wondered what they meant. ‘omg lol’.

Harry Fang says:
You can’t escape me
In quiet, dark moments I
Whisper in your ear

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Mini Mag 86

Polly Ticks says … Deputy PM Nick Clegg seems to be pouring scorn on everything Cameron does nowadays. I’m not listening! Be true to yourself, Clegg, and pull out of this undemocratic Coalition.
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Major de Ranger says … Kim Jong-il is dead. As if the world isn’t destabilised enough, the future of North Korea is now uncertain. Hopefully, peace will be the course, for the weaponry on the border is frightening.
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Guru Tony says … The age of criminal responsibility is too low for children in UK, it seems. They seem to be maturing more slowly. Maybe because the modern adult is an inefficient role model.
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THE PRESENT: She was quite rumpled after
news of the present. She’d been festive, drunk,
stoned (?) at the Christmas party but her belief
was strong. ‘I’m telling you, it was Santa,’ she
said to Hubbie. Unwrapped September.

Blogger Bard says:
Get in the spirit
Will he remember – survive?
Drowning in whisky

RENEWAL: Many ghosts had accumulated to weigh him down since last Christmas. But now, as he enjoyed his Christmas feast, the present giving, the goodwill, he felt renewed. And he realised that ghosts are an inevitability of living. Opening his last present, he was thankful. His new chain held plenty of scope for life to come.

Santa says:
Prepare for big night
Wrap presents, reindeer to feed
Give the Elves a kick

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Mini Mag 85

Guru Tony says … EU body advises renewable energy no more expensive than fossil fuel & nuclear. So what’s the problem? Smaller companies can run renewables, making big biz redundant. They don’t like that.
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Dr Illya Ness says … Warnings grow over handing health service budget in UK to GPs. The reason why is obvious. It will bring private companies in, and State hospitals just can’t compete.
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Prof Isaac Galistein says … Physicists at LHC say they’ve seen hints of Higgs Boson particle. Is it god saying ‘peekaboo’, or reality bending to what they expect to see? I think the latter.
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VISITATION: The alien landed & peeped
out of the hatch. A young man ran off; said:
‘look at this.’ Their main weapon appeared.
Her stare was intense and scary and the
alien fled, leaving a beacon in orbit: Beware.
Planet contains mothers-in-law.

Blogger Bard says:
Renewal notice
Ills, loves, fears – count the cost
Down payments on life

WINTER: It was the far future. There was no warm glow from the weather. The Gulf Stream had shut off and without the warming waters, North West Europe froze. Global Climate Control thought they knew what they were doing, and soon Santa was riding his rocket sleigh, leaving a warm glow in the kids. And tomorrow the Gulf Stream would be switched back on.

Techie Without A Clue says:
Snowman is nimble
Made program – GREAT!!! – But he ran
Melted – blew laptop 🙁

Harry Fang says:
Does the Snowman smile?
He’s lucky he’s all water
I like stronger stuff

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Mini Mag 84

Pappa Razzi says … UK Coalition Minister Iain Duncan Smith says riots will reoccur without structural reform of family & community. I agree, but it can’t be done by govt. Further, it is the greed of the Big Biz consumer society he wants that caused the problems.
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Harry Fang says:
The dentist prepares
Chair, drill, light, cross & garlic
Vampire got toothache

Polly Ticks says … Could there be a bonus with the UK’s veto of Euro Treaty? Lib Dem leader is furious with his Tory ‘leader’ Cameron. Could a split be coming in this undemocratic Coalition which went against the expressed will of the people? I do hope so.
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PROXIMITY: A proximity fuse, I was sure. Go
too close to her and there’d be an explosion.
I remained immobile, thinking what to do.
Finally, I realised my only course. ‘I’m so
sorry, darling,’ I said, and we cuddled. No
retribution for my stupidity today.

INKPOT: I don’t realise I’m in an inkpot.
I’m too busy trying not to drown in the
sheer scope of this liquid around me. I
think I exist, although dislocated, as if
an idea. Suddenly waves rock me as
the nib comes; yet somehow I feel as
if defined. Then I’m scratched into
existence on paper.

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Is this a poem or a pile?
Words and lines in orderly file,
A reflection of how we tend to be,
Piles of actions our destiny,
Piles of things we call our own,
Piles of errors for which we atone;
Is this a life or just a pile?
I’ll have to think on that a while

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Mini Mag 83

Polly Ticks says … Brit PM Cameron vetos new Euro treaty, leaving UK on fringe of European Union. This is a turning point. Time for UK to slowly but surely take itself out of this power-hungry, undemocratic club.
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Harry Fang says:
My UnDead Cred gone
Just unReality Star
unHorror Twilight

Prof Galistein says … The Problem with Britain in Europe is philosophy. The continent has always gone for grand designs, whilst Britain does individual initiative, which became, if more extreme, the philosophy of America. Britain and Europe think differently.
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VAMPIRE: How easily myths are born as
tales are changed. It was in the olden days
that she came to the town. She had such
allure and at night she’d capture the hearts
of men. But it had to end. Arrested, her
heart was pierced to release the stolen ones
and she was burned to death. Everyone
came to watch the vamp pyre.

DILIGENT: The murders had been
performed diligently. Now, walking away,
heads bowed, the victims knew the cold
would soon change to heavenly warmth.

SAND MONSTER: It was horrific to
return to the beach, a man half buried.
The sand monster was unseen, but
obviously hiding in the nearby boat.
Suddenly he popped up, looked at the
man, giggled and said: ‘Funny, daddy.’
‘Yes,’ I replied. ‘But who’s that man?’

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Mini Mag 82

Guru Tony says … Green campaign groups say Brit Coalition Govt is becoming environmentally destructive. Of course it is. Govt only does Eco when people demand. There are other things on their minds – until the planet bites.
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Techie Without A Clue says:
Told to buy SpyWare
Bow-tie, dinner jacket; but
Didn’t look covert

Dr Illya Ness says … Academics warn that crucial breakthroughs in medical research are put at risk by budget cutbacks. I’m sure that if a cure was near and profitable, the Pharmaceutical firms would find the money to milk it.
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F 55 – THE KNIGHT: The noblest
Knight of all mistook the alien time crucible
for the Holy Grail. Seeing visions of all time
up to the 21st century, he told King Arthur
what was seen. Disheartened, the crucible
was destroyed, a mystery forever, Arthur
made the Once and Future King. Beating
the Wasteland would take longer than
he thought.

Major de Ranger says:
‘Twas the end of war
Stealth tech meant hidden targets
Troops play hide & seek

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Joie de Vivre

To feel the warmth through gentle breeze,
Radiant sun, how much you please,
I smile at life, joyful, renewed,
Such moments – perfect – thoughts imbued;
Emotion chips make androids thrive,
Pity humans no longer feel so alive

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Mini Mag 81

Pappa Razzi says … It seems post war assumptions that living standards always rise has been replaced by pessimism in the UK. Problem is, they rose above our ability to pay for it. Believe too much in dreams and you end up with nightmares.
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Harry Fang says:
The unDead disturbed
A girl brings wonder and light
Her name is Malice

Major de Ranger says … Bomb explodes outside Brit Embassy in Bahrain. Iranian students storm Brit Embassy in Tehran. Middle East is on a turning point. Are we being sent a communal message to tread carefully?
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MIGHT: They began to flag under the might
of the system. Realising they were too
passive, they fought the officiousness,
whittling away at the official line. Continuing,
they whittled on to the officer and got to the
office. Successful, they finally whittled to off.

Techie Without A Clue says:
Spam in my laptop
Tried to consume, byte sized bits
Keys gunged – hard on teeth

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