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Eye On the World 6

Polly Ticks says … FTSE 100 Big Biz chiefs’ pay rose average of 49% last year. Things balance out. That’s about the decline in value of average poor wage.
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A Thought … I’m not tech savvy. Talk myself thru computer tasks. I’m fed up of saying ‘delete’. Like ‘exterminate.’ Feel more a Dalek than Cyberman.

Guru Tony says … Figures show gang culture was not main reason for Summer Riots in UK. Majority came from deprived background, so tackling the gangs is red herring.
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Blogger Bard says:
Science, religion
Ways of thinking poles apart
Mystery between

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Mini Mag 67

Polly Ticks says …

Students put off university due to tuition fees rise, says poll. Once was the time Brit students paid nothing as their success enriched society.

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MY STORY: It was my story but it
just didn’t seem to go right. Life’s a
harsh writer and I ended up crumpled,
like a discarded piece of paper by
the typewriter.

OPERATION: The surgical procedure
terrified me. I shook as I went into prep.
My first time. I’m qualified! Hope the
patient’s okay.

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Mini Mag 66

Pappa Razzi says …

The Commonwealth is meeting. Top of agenda? Succession rules for Monarchy. The Commonwealth could be a major player in the world. What a waste … My Politics page


EERIE: The aliens scanned for
lifeforms; took their shape, liking
the disguise. They looked eerie the
next morning … after Halloween.

PLANETS: When the Starship’s drive
went critical it created a gravity well.
For a billion years rocks compacted
upon it & then came life .. & a
Starship flew. Evolution.

Succinctly Yours, ABC Wednesday, Sunday 160
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Mini Mag 65

A Thought …

A writer can never know ultimate success, for his true success comes through still being read centuries after his death.

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SUNSET: As the sun goes down the dark
veil rises. There will be agony tonight;
fear, violence, greed & corruption. And
the criminals are even worse.

Blogger Bard says:
After sunset it roamed wide
Banished by light bulb

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Eye On the World 5

Guru Tony says … Vatican thinktank wants global authority to rein in capitalism & make it people centred. Won’t work. Big Biz bigger than national economies. New smaller Biz is the answer.
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Blogger Bard says:
Veil of death is thin
Ghosts come out for Halloween
Get in the spirit

Polly Ticks says …Greek debt halved and a trillion Euro bailout fund to be created. Is Eurozone saved? We’ll see. But super-capitalism will again have been saved by socialist economics.

Harry Fang says:
Ghosts are pathetic
Just go ‘Boo!’ and float about
What they lack is bite

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Mini Mag 64

Polly Ticks says …

PM Cameron faces rebellion as 81 of his MPs vote for referendum on EU membership. This coalition is certainly built on sand. Not long to go.

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HARD READS: I never read much as a kid
but in my late 20s I decided to read all
the major classics. I made it, except for
James Joyce. I managed ‘A Portrait …’
but ‘Ulysses’ totally beat me.

PAST NOW: A figment of imagination?
He was inclined to be vulnerable as his
past lives came. But as the therapist
died, he knew he was a serial killer.

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Eye On the World 4

Guru Tony says … UN say world population to rise to 15 billion by 2100, wiping out resources. So do what population pressure always does. Expand – into space! .. My Environment page

TV Watch … I admit I like the major UK Soaps. Yet, except for Sarah Lancashire and Suranne Jones, they always employ Soap stars rather than actors.

Dr Illya Ness says … Age UK warn rising bills & cutbacks will kill 200 older people a day this Winter. When the powerful get it wrong its the weakest who pay …
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Harry Fang says:
Witches hate All Hallows’
Horrors come, go BANG!!! and scare
Kids ask: ‘Trick or Treat?’

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Mini Mag 63

Prof Galistein says …

Teenagers’ IQ can rise & fall, a study suggests. I don’t think IQ tests intelligence, but cultural understanding of prevalent knowledge.

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GHOST CAR: The ghost car sped past
me silently. It wasn’t a lost soul – not on
Halloween. The veil is thin, the roads fill
up, abruptly ended journeys completed.

BACK GARDEN: Horrors untold in my back
garden. Wars prevail, genocide rages,
balance interupted by outside invasions.
Below the tranquility, the insect.

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Mini Mag 62

Polly Ticks says …

France & Germany not as one in Euro bailout plan. Not surprised. Europeans are only happy with each other during affluence – a false love affair.

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OUT: I’m out!!! Free at last from
my solitary prison, life a distant echo.
I’m out!!! But I still don’t understand
why, but I’ll learn. I’m born!!!

AMBIVALENT: Her son is ambivalent.
‘So ghosts are yellow with slit eyes and
we eat their brains? No wonder they
haunt us.’ Mom smiles. ‘Okay Pumpkin.’

ABC Wednesday, Succinctly Yours
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Mini Mag 61

A Thought …

We hear much about victims nowadays. Yet, a person who goes through life never being wounded has never really lived.

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LIMBER UP: The first genetically
modified human looked like
Frankenstein’s Monster. As it
limbered up people were afraid. The
Science Directorate imposed species
modification to take away fears.

Blogger Bard says:
Limbering up
New Athlete beats all records
Robot Olympics

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