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Boo!!!! … Look, why won’t you scream?
This isn’t some kind of silly dream,
You’re awake and I’m a ghost,
I’m not supposed to be scared the most!
Oh well … I guess it’s just a learning curve,
New to this game – I’ll find the nerve

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The Passing

Pass right by, gone in a flash,
No time to repeat, no rehash,
Life is like that, often a bitch,
We’re stuck with results, no magic switch,
So when we think of things passing by,
Remember they have outcomes, often sly,
And prepare yourself well ahead,
For happy results, instead of dread

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No Snow Climb

Guru Tony says …

Fears that ascent of Everest may soon be ice free. If true, an iconic image to show effects of global warming. We need images now to remember.

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Faster Than Light

Prof Galistein says …

Faster-than-light neutrinos? Let’s wait for validation. But stop talking of laws of the universe. They’re laws of man. They can change.

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No one wants him, I suppose it’s fair,
Always shunned by those aware,
His life is misery and nothing more,
No one to love or adore,
Got plenty of money but he’ll end up beneath,
That’s the price of being a thief

by Anthony North
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Euro Fear

Polly Ticks says …

The IMF tells EuroZone to sort itself out, showing who’s in charge. Politics is always for economy, not people. Systems always matter most.

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Pappa Razzi says …

Facebook is to become the web, fully integrated into cyberspace and your life. I network, therefore I am. What a terrifying thought.

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Damn Chemicals

Modern industry packs hundreds of chemicals into products and packaging. Many of these mimic hormones, and leave traces in the environment. Some research suggests this may be behind apparent sex changes in some animals.

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Eighth Dawn

Dawn approaching, land to till?
Soon they’ll do it – it’s called free will,
Love and jealousy not quite there,
Hatred brewing under the stare,
Desire bathes them where they lay,
On this dawn of the Eighth Day

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Individually Wrong

Individuality can be counter to freedom. It makes you answer only to the culture to which you belong, which is inevitably guided by the powers-that-be. Important to this process at the moment is the degrading of family. Traditionally, family is the defensive line between the person and the powers, so ‘individuals’ do the job of the powers for them.

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