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Riotous Ideas

Polly Ticks says … PM Cameron & ex-PM Blair battle out the causes of recent riots. Moral decline or alienation? They’re both right, but both wrong in isolation. The 18th century crimewave was beaten by a 3-pronged attack. Zero tolerance with the Bow Street Runners; moral imperative by Methodists taking to the streets; & a new social order with rising industrialisation. Get the point? It can’t be solved with one remedy alone.

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Arab Summer?

Major de Ranger says … Rebel Libyan fighters storm into the centre of Tripoli, suggesting the conflict may soon be over. Meanwhile, Assad of Syria gives a defiant address. Yet, much of the military crackdown is petering out, a UN delegation is given freedom to go where they want, and reforms are in the air. Is the Arab Spring approaching its summer?

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NewsFlash 3

Major de Ranger says … What to do about Syrian violence against its own people? Easy. Launch a war that would turn Iraq into a skirmish, or nothing. Let’s cut the waffle & accept it.

Guru Tony says … As transport cuts bite large swathes of rural Britain are being cut off from health services, education & jobs. It seems only cities count nowadays.

Polly Ticks says … The French economy has now flattened out, putting its credit rating in jeopardy. When are we going to wake up to the reality that the present global economy is dying?

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Mini Mag 51 – Future Zone

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EARTH: Back to earth. It had been a trip to a strange world – alien. But the ants nest was better than houses.

Blogger Bard says:
As one with Cosmos
How silence illuminates
All things known and seen

FRANTIC: Recharge was essential in this game, the robot knew. But as a Soap actor he had more stamina than humans – and talent.

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Reasons For English Riots

1. Historically riots nearly always occur at this period of downturn. That police & govt were unprepared is due to the belief that every contemporary system is more moral than the last. It isn’t.

2. For 30 years the liberal credo has ruled, saying individuality & rights are good ‘cos people are fundamentally moral. They are not; & when services decline the proof shows – violently!

3. When a single system rules a society, meaning and direction is invested in it. But as it becomes more fundamental it disenfranchises a large portion of society. Without meaning there is no morality other than their wants.

4. When meaning and direction is alien to elements of society, they create their own pre-nationhood consciousness, & everything outside their sub-society is to be hated & they become the predator.

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NewsFlash 2

Polly Ticks says … Brit Parliament may debate death penalty once more, as public opinion seems to demand. They’ll reject it. Public opinion is often wrong.

Guru Tony says … So the global economy is in psychological chaos once more. Like a psychopath, if it gets what it wants it behaves. If not, it destroys.

Pappa Razzi says … A summer of riots has begun & will get worse if police don’t get it together. With downturn, no surprise. Venting anger & quantitative easing at street level.

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Mini Mag 50 – Read With Mummy

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DEMON: The priest carried out his exorcism but it was no good. The policeman was right. Demonic possession is just an excuse for the inner demon.

Blogger Bard says:
Nightmares come in dreams
Frighteningly incomplete
Residues of life

OBLIVIOUS: They were oblivious to how outrageous they looked. They just didn’t know what they were doing. Previous incarnations are so vain.

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