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Mini Mag 49 – The Crime Post

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MICROFICTION: My crimes proliferated. Dad said if I didn’t stop I’d become a lizard. I stopped. Years later I became a conman, like him.

Blogger Bard says:
A big words for a haiku
Forgive poet crimes

CLINCH: It was an unexpected clinch. She’d followed him from the job, come close, invitingly. Then … Handcuffs and ID. Another burglary gone wrong.

Flash 55, OSI, Succinctly Yours, ABC Wed

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NewsFlash 1

Major de Ranger says … Brit Army slashed to 84,000 by 2014. Broke, uncertain world; global terrorism. Let’s hope cost cutting doesn’t say appeasement.

Prof Galistein says … Internet use atrophies grey matter with shorter attention span. If this is inevitable, literature must change to place wisdom in short bytes.

Pappa Razzi says … Amy Winehouse has passed on. In a Twitter age she perhaps didn’t die. She Trended – a true icon. Hey, Amy: say ‘hi’ to Jimi & the rest.

Polly Ticks says … The massacre in Norway is terrible. Yet tech & know-how are now giving a person the power of an army. The super-villain of fiction is real.

INDE-POL – for new politics

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Mini Mag 48 – Rattler’s Tale

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I’m back. Here’s my
latest Mini Mag in
55 words. Enjoy.

MICROFICTION: An arbitrary craftsman. Chizelled everything away to  piles of cuttings in an untidy workshop. Won major prize in contemporary art.

Blogger Bard says:
I really need it
But do I, or maybe want?
Oh! I want more needs

MAGPIE TALE: Kids trade risk for fun. Buy ’em a bike and it’s like riding a tightrope. It wasn’t a fair exchange.

Flash 55, OSI, Succinctly Yours, Magpie

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Kyoto No

Guru Tony reporting …

Top scientist Sir David King suggests we ditch the Kyoto Protocol and have carbon quotas based on population. Well, that would take 20 years of meetings to agree, wouldn’t it? Personally I don’t like the existing protocol, mainly ‘cos it gives licence to continue our present damaging infrastructures without the need for radical change.

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Baby Blues

Dr Illya Ness reporting …

Gynaecologists advice more babies should be born at home as hospital is not always safest option. I tend to agree, but let’s get something clear. Maternity units are becoming huge and few, requiring long distance travel during labour. Is this new announcement about clinical care or failure of services?

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Sick Europe

Polly Ticks reporting …

So, eight European banks seriously fail strain tests. This is just another nail in the Eurozone coffin – an embolism to go alongside the sickness in its underbelly. The Euro was always a bad idea, centralising economies that can only work with local variation. It’s all very well during periods of affluence but as soon as affluence goes, it becomes a financial cancer.

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Power Shock

Polly Ticks reporting …

5.5 million Brit households now in fuel poverty, spending more than 10% of income on heating their homes. And prices continue to rise as power companies milk the public to make sure their investors stay comfortable. Electric can shock in more way than one.

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North Sea Disaster

Guru Tony reporting …

North Sea oil & gas leak. We do, of course, hope it will never happen. Yet there were over 100 potentially lethal leaks in 2009 – 10 it seems. We fear big disasters so much we don’t place attention on the little ones.

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Shuttle Off

Prof Galistein reporting …

The last Shuttle mission. It was always a weak attempt at space exploration, but at least, it was a start. And now, no more. Throughout history man has had to answer his curiosity through exploration. Until now. Mankind has lost its soul.

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Hack Attack

Polly Ticks reporting …

So, News of the World scandal goes sinister, moving from hacking mobiles of celebs to families of child murder & terrorist victims, & possibly war widows. The hack is back and digital. And what about Cameron’s judgement on friends, or police bungs? A long way to go yet, me thinks. Meanwhile Labour leader Ed Milimetre declares war on the papers. Obviously he hasn’t suffered their vitriol. Maybe ‘cos he isn’t important enough.

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