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New Project

I’m taking a few weeks off blogging and social networking as I’m working on a new project. I’ve been trying to fit it in as and when, but getting nowhere. So it’s time to give it my full attention. Hopefully it will go well now and I’ll be back soon.

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Mini Mag 47 – Future Zone

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Mini Mag. Call back
Wed for 3 Word Wed.

PONDER: The CIA graph showed aliens were in decline. Conspiriologists left looking at what REALLY goes on? ‘We need another Roswell.’

Blogger Bard on UNIVERSE:
All are one within
Cosmos perfect poetry
This is a uni verse

MAGPIE TALE: It was a personalised cyborg and the customer wanted a pirate look, eyepathch and all. Which left a spare. Shame about the donor.

And finally …
Endure future
Always chance for perfect world
Contingent on peace

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13 lines+haiku for Thu 13, Flash 55 in haiku sandwich, OSI, Succinctly Yours, Writers’ I

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Libya Risk

Major de Ranger reporting …

The deployment of Apache gunships to Libya is a dangerous compromise. They are prone to ground fire. The UK had the perfect weapon in the Harrier/Carrier combinations, but were scrapped. A mistake that may cost Brit lives.

My Warfare page

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