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Pondering On Mladic

Polly Ticks reporting …

The arrest of Ratko Mladic is good. He committed the worst astrocity in Europe since the Nazis, but we need a reminder that maybe we’re not cured of atrocity. Our society is simply comfortable enough to not do it.

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Mini Mag 46 – Read With Mummy

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GLISTEN: The spirit glistened as it possessed. I’m imprisoned – trapped on a motorbike I cannot control. And the wall approaches fast.

Blogger Bard on TERROR:
Horror. Terror. Boo!!!
Fear is for survival
But needs exercise

VOWELLED: The entity was luminous, it’s movement erratic. I remembered the Omen. Just one wrong vowel and the writer’s muse is out. Ethereal. Angry. Vengeful … Amen.

And finally …
Music releases
Manifest layers revealed
As one with the soul

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Arabs v Obama

Polly Ticks reporting …

It seems President Obama thinks Arab dictators should step aside and embrace democracy. Yet he forgets it took the west 100s of years to reach it, and we’re still not perfect. It isn’t going to happen yet.

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What Law?

Pappa Razzi reporting …

English privacy laws in chaos as Twitter users deny an injunction & MP names him in Parliament. Now there will be a battle between law v social networks. If the latter loses, social networking could be nobbled forever. But what of the law of the land?

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Mini Mag 45 – The Crime Post

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He woke to cop’s grin
Jumble of clothes evidence
Arrested naked

STALKED: He was stalked relentlessly. But he took it, knowing one day she’d go further. Widows don’t forget their husband’s killer.

Blogger Bard says:
Sizzling sausages
What a taste but theft of life?
A bit like a Pact

MAGPIE: A 17th century banquet, an artist painting. Maybe it’s theft; maybe they knew, now, their souls would live forever in canvas.

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Individual Girls

Guru Tony reporting …

Brit MP wants teenage girls to be given lessons in how to say no to sex. Isn’t it strange how as individuality is supposedly all, we’re losing the ability to think outside the herd.

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Climate No Change

Polly Ticks reporting …

Brit govt to have ‘long-term’ programme to combat climate change. This comes as 15 green campaign groups warn the govt is losing its way on green issues. I think they’re right. For ‘long term’ read: shelved for the near future.

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Pakistan Problem

Major de Ranger reporting …

As Pakistan reviews its relationship with the US after Team 6’s raid there are fears that NATO supply lines could be cut. This was always the problem with Afghanistan, as the Taliban knew. The west must beware the long game and being played like puppets.

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Mini Mag 44 – Rattlers’ Tale

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It’s so damp outside
Weather skids – deteriorates
Spring incensed today

ROOM: So happy in their room? There didn’t seem enough room, but all had their room. Rooms grew until for nature there wasn’t room.

Blogger Bard says:
Easy to ramble
To be succinct, difficult
But not in haiku

MAGPIE TALE: He tackled the burglar. A friend said: ‘Throw the book at him.’ Thus, adequately floored by Divine retribution. Bibles are heavy.

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Mini Mag 43 – Future Zone

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EXHIBITION: The human stood in the exhibition, looking around. It all seemed so surreal. Especially for the visiting android tourists.

Blogger Bard says:
Do you trust leaders?
Superstition won’t let go
Dark forces still here

TEMPT: The far future. Global Warming. Gulf Stream gone & Europe frozen. The couple shivered with furs & camera, but nude models had to work.

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