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Mini Mag 39 – Future Zone

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BORDER: The Starship reached the border of … ? Suddenly time distorted. Then the fleet attacked. Then space refolded itself. Then the Black Hole appeared. Confusion reigned … will this writer ever make up his mind?

Blogger Bard writes:

INVADE: When the teleport pioneers returned we thought it was to invade. Beauties turned to beasts. Reset human pattern recognition.

OSI, Writers’ I, Flash 55, Succinctly Yours

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FBI Jack

Pappa Razzi reporting …

It seems the FBI profiled Jack the Ripper in the 80s but failed to identify him. They did note he would be a loner, which is good. But they didn’t make the leap to saying he didn’t exist. As I see it, he was a media mythos, built around two murders close together, and the murderers of the others using it to evade detection.

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Royal Wedding

Pappa Razzi reporting …

I must wish William & Kate all the best for their wedding. I’m a Royalist at heart, as long as they have no real power. But are such events important? Yes. They tell the continuing story of my country, marrying the past to the present. We need such stories to give us identity. And they tell of change, too. A future Queen descended from coal miners.

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Record Debt

Polly Ticks reporting …

Personal debt in the UK is going to reach a record-breaking £2,126 billion by 2015, it seems. This confirms that religion lives on. After all, the main elements of religion are that it has the biggest buildings (banks & trade centres), offers a creed (shopping), an ideal to live up to (celebrities), an understanding that we are sinners (debt), and the deity is ethereal (credit).

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Big Biz Gas

Guru Tony reporting …

I’ve been waiting for Big Biz to start a campaign against wind & solar power. Well, it’s on, with lobbying of govts, advising that gas is the new green. How? By extracting shale gas using the controvercial fracking technique. Of course, this is a green herring. Real green tech can be done by smaller businesses, so what is at stake is the existence of Big Biz itself.

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Mini Mag 38 – The Crime Post

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No mercy given
Executioner foolish
Why relish a death?

OPERANDI: I had an Operandi to my crimes so I was never caught. Always different, see. But habits form. And once I’d found my Modus, well, that was it.

Blogger Bard says:
He opened the safe
Crime would be the death of him
Viral research lab

KALEIDOSCOPE: ‘Crime gives us the means to express our individuality,’ said the criminal. ‘Rubbish,’ said the criminologist. ‘You’re all an identical reflection in prison.’

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Mini Mag 37 – Read With Mummy

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PLACE: The house was haunted. There was no doubt. Rappings, moans, chills – we even saw it! Luckily ghosts are of place, so we moved. Whoops!

Blogger Bard says:
They found the ghost gene
Turned off, cancelled Afterlife
Premature death

QUAINT: Daisy looked at the herd. The farm was quaint – much improved since genetic adaptation. And the humans were fattening nicely.

OSI, Writers’ I, Flash 55, Succinctly Yours

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Oldie Workforce

Polly Ticks reporting …

Over 65s  now fill a third of new positions, it seems. Do they thirst to carry on working? A few, maybe, but for the majority they are simply too poor to retire. In the UK we pay national insurance in return for a welfare net to ensure everyone is protected and out of poverty. Governments constantly break their contract, but continue to demand the money. In any other field this is confidence trickery.

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Word Fire

Linguistic sensation, sending it home,
Words with meaning perfectly honed,
Guided phrases to activate mind,
Meaning, story, in which to confide,
Writing, reading – satiate desire,
Word bombs launch, neurons fire

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Waisted Youth

Dr Illya Ness reporting …

Average 11 year old’s waist in the UK is now 4 inches larger than in the 1970s, fuelling obesity debate. And we’re told we’ll live longer nowadays. Yet those who are living to their 90s today lived a life that is now said to be unhealthy. Beware of Health Evangelists.

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