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War By Committee

Major de Ranger reporting …

NATO controls Libya operation? In some ways this will be better, but I hope they don’t repeat the mistakes of the Balkans. Military operations by committee stall and go wrong. Decisive leadership is required – especially as the operation is now reaching the crucial phase where it could go right, or very wrong.

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Coalition Crumble … Please

Polly Ticks reporting …

Lib Dems mouthing a lot about NHS reforms and almost in mutiny over benefit cap being imposed by the Coalition. Then leave the Coalition! Bring it down! Be thinking beings rather than puppets. And hang your heads in shame.

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Poor Brits

Guru Tony reporting …

Lonely Planet guide brands England as celebrity-obsessed and addicted to junk food. I have to agree. When any form of meaning is taken away by govts themselves, all we are left with is self-obsession.

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Mini Mag 30 – The Philosophy

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Why are they so loud?
Persuasive ads sell it all
Riches but a dream

MAGPIE TALE: Mona Lisa fell into da Vinci’s experimental time machine after posing. In the 21st century she thought of being a reality star once more, but only 15 minutes of fame? Pah!!!

Blogger Bard says:
Discovery made
Only scientists are true
Reality stars

KILL: I try not to kill, but everything I do is misused. I try to benefit mankind – and I do!!! – but a scientist’s work releases both good and bad.

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Mini Mag 29 – Read With Mummy

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in 55 words.

HOLLOW: He had to banish horror from his life – be pure, no nightmares, terrors, evil. And he became the Hollow Man.

Blogger Bard says:
Frights unlimited
When enough terrors in life
No one reads horror

UNLIMITED: An unlimited number had died on the death couch. Now, it was empty, waiting, for another … sit? It’s hell being a past life therapist.

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Fukushima Fuel Rods

Guru Tony reporting …

It seems the operators of the Fukushima nuclear plant didn’t do mandatory checks, thus allowing the fuel rods to pile up. If they can’t get checks right, how are people to believe these horrible places are safe?

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Cuts Protest

Polly Ticks reporting …

As protesters prepare for the TUC demo against cuts in London on 26 March, police ask for clear instructions in case of trouble. Easy. No kettling and please, for a change, no violence.

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Spy Net

Prof Galistein reporting …

The WikiLeaks founder says the internet is ‘greatest spying machine the world has ever seen’. Very true, but a weapon can be turned. It is also the best opportunity since the Renaissance to be creative. And the Renaissance changed the world.

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Net Privacy

Pappa Razzi reporting …

The European Union plans to create privacy rules to demand social media users the right to erase all personal data. As much as I dislike the EU, sometimes they can get things right. There must be a difference between the public and the private.

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Mini Mag 28 – The Crime Post

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He want to go straight
Identical man robs, tells
Dual volley mind

CHIVALRY: The Quest. Brotherhood. That need to belong, to feel alive, to challenge oneself. It had inspired the adventurous for centuries. But now, the swords on display for centuries, the boy stole the car, mugged the lady – brotherthood with his gang lived on.

Blogger Bard says:
When nation distilled
How do we feel we belong?
Any fad will do

JAILED: Will I ever be free? Jailed for life, inhibited, walls seeming to close in on me. No option, now, but to … well, I did it, and now I’m imprisoned. Free at last!

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