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Dictator Trials

Polly Ticks reporting …

Gaddafi doesn’t want to lose power. Why not? One reason is the new western thirst to put fallen dictators in court. This means they can’t give in & they’ll fight to the death. Western sentiment can be a killer.

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Mini Mag 21 – Read With Mummy

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GREMLINS: The machine turned. Off. On. ROUND! No control .. no more. Gremlins had taken over – but machine or him!!!? Or yours ..

Blogger Bard says:
Gremlin v fairy
Dust scattered, stuffing falls out
Child with toys a monster

MICROFICTION: The fairy possessed his shoes. That was how he saw it as he walked, depressed, to the cliff edge. But not given wings.

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Mini Mag 20 – Future Zone

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It fidgets with life
Cosmic affinity rules
Gods mention our ways

THE VELLICATOR: The alien attacked with his bladed hands. He moved in spasmodic convulsions and finally had a blade at my throat. And I thought: don’t twitch!

Blogger Bard Says:
The cosmos twitches
Survive the nothing between
Improvise and blink

IMPROVISE: ‘Due to the speed of light barrier we had to improvise to boldly go to the stars.’ ‘You developed Warp Drive?’ ‘No, we split infinity and arrived before we left.’
Explanation for non-Trekkies

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Libya Rescue?

Polly Ticks reporting …

Rescue of Brits from Libya finally done but became farsical with stuck planes and disappearing warships. This govt’s first emergency response. Totally and absolutely pathetic. But this seems to be the trend. Little boys playing with ideological toys, and not really understanding the world.

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Smash the wall, talk it out,
Found a treasure, no more doubt,
Fight a war, sue for peace,
Hopes for all conflict to cease,
Breakthroughs, though, can often vex,
Sorting a problem leads to the next

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Dr Illya Ness reporting …

Specialists warn 250,000 Brits could die of alcohol ills over 20 yrs if doctors don’t act. Two problems: doctors are there to cure, not dictate; and only changes in society can stop this.

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It’s never overt, yet always close,
That thing we tend to fear the most,
Nighmares impinging on waking hours,
Our resolve, our hopes – all devoured,
Leaving a shell of what we were,
Such a cost fear incurs

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Big Biz Incursion

Polly Ticks reporting …

Private sector to get right to bid for Brit public work. Well, it’s obvious they’ll bid cheaper and lose in order to get more in the future. This could mean the end of State services.

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Big Biz Spies

Guru Tony reporting …

Brit energy firms are spying on green activists. Isn’t this proof that they never intended to go Green? If they did they’d be working with such people. And don’t start me on civil liberty. Shouldn’t the police be speaking to these firms?

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Telling Tales

Telling tales is what I do,
Not gossip – this doesn’t imbue,
But plots and schemes that take my fancy,
Sometimes stories very chancy;
So telling tales is my redoubt,
But tell me ..
Did you hear about …

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