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Hungry for people all the time,
Chop them up, make them slime,
Crawling in an insipid pit,
Watching, always – scored a hit,
Doesn’t matter whether man or dame,
It can get you – fame

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Big Society

Guru Tony reporting …

Big society. What’s that? It should be communities working together ‘cos they want to. But Brit PM Humbug Cameron wants it imposed, politically – a cosy social way to tell you as far as govt help is concerned, you’re stuffed. Don’t you just hate ideology?

Blogger Bard says:
Big society
Men in charge just know what’s best
Just like Big Brother

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Mini Mag 11 – Read With Mummy

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with a hint of horror.

MICROFICTION: The fishermen saw the empty lifebuoy. ‘Twas new health regs. Make us wash – smell nice. That’s why the Kraken got him.’

It’s dark, turn on light
Banish all that gives you fright
Power killed off sprites

CORNERS: He felt cosy in his lounge. Everything in its place … until the 5th corner found him. Never got out.

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Mini Mag Ten – Rattlers’ Tale

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EVENING: They talked all day. Two sides totally opposed. It seemed an impossible task.  But bit by bit they compromised, and eventually reached the evening.

Sitting here numb
Illusion of the morning
Slept in – evening

THE ILLUSIONIST: Confusion. Delusion. That was the secret, he knew. And while the audience watched his assistant, he went round the theatre picking their pockets.

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GM Lies

Prof Galistein reporting …

Brit chief scientist says trying to block GM crops is no longer sustainable on moral grounds. Oh, give me a break! We’re not talking about good and evil here. Let’s keep emotion out of it. Use commonsense. Food shortages are due to modern farming methods. When food was produced on small farms for locals it worked. You can also add depletion of gene pool if GM goes ahead.

Blogger Bard says:
Modern farms feed world?
Strange how poor people lived
Before lie of ‘big’

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He sees a life beyond these bars,
But might as well go to Mars,
Entrapped behind their sturdy form,
In a nightmare room that is his norm,
Trapped through the years, tingling nerves,
No matter how much booze they serve

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A book is more than just for you,
Society’s disarray, quite a stew,
Rabble rule, we’ve lost our way,
A writer must come without delay!
A book appears telling of our fate,
We read, we learn, we validate

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Hacked Off

Pappa Razzi reporting …

So how many newspapers are involved in the phone hack scandal? As many celebrities fight back at the News of the World & the Met reopens their inquiry, fears rise that it could be endemic. A classic example of society losing its moral responsibility regarding right and wrong, deferred for profit and success.

Blogger Bard says:
Prophets of profit
Do a deal and sting them all
Go home to silence

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Gone back in time, all alone,
Nothing here throughout the zone,
Empty space, forces none,
Where has all reality gone?
Then a voice said: ‘Let there be light’,
Such a bang!!!! – delight

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Change so Fast

Polly Ticks reporting …

The recent compensation awarded to a gay couple refused a double room by Christian private hotel owners was correct but we need to step back here. In the past social change was slow and took generations. Now change happens many times per generation. Don’t condemn those who fight.

Blogger Bard says:
To change, to renew
Always good if tuned to past
Let others catch up

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