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Jackboot Cops

CRIME NEWS: Brit top cops want more
stop-search powers through anti-terrorism
legislation. A police force who’s hierarchy
is infatuated with powers is not interested
in law and order – just order. And the
boot is called Jack.

My thoughts on Crime, Facebook debate

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Matchstick Men

Stripped to nothing but their form,
Matchstick Men becoming the norm,
Trapped in the material, corporate jog,
Life without meaning, just a cog,
Expressing individuality by being the same,
Modern life – so insane

You’ll get the gist with Graduates

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Stop Murdoch

BRIT NEWS: We’re saying ‘no’ to Murdoch.
According to an ICM poll 44% oppose his
B Sky B takeover. Let the opposition grow.
We need lots of independent media; not
stormtrooping, dumbling-down media to
keep us uninformed. Only God can own
both the Sun and Sky.

My views on Media, Facebook debate

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I’ve tried to get there many a time,
But often things just don’t chime,
Many roads I’ve been down, lost,
Who knows what is the cost,
I try to think of it in jest,
But I think my GPS is possessed

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It’s Transparent

Little ghostie, body clear,
See right through it, far and near,
Transparent in its spectral form,
Created from a psyche storm,
Ghosties racing through the mind,
‘Til the answer can be divined

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Waiting, waiting, nowhere to go,
Just shuffling forward with the flow,
No one speaks, they only stare,
Not even sure if they’re aware,
A terrible accident, I’m not fine,
Waiting in the dead line

Here are my thoughts on Death

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Popular Is Bad

BRIT NEWS: Has Cameron lost his marbles?
The Coalition govt is planning
to include popular ideas in
legislation, letting the public
decide. This is to reconnect
with the people, and a bad idea.
We have representative govt
because direct democracy
becomes tyranny.

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Poet Tree

Rising up from the ground,
Branching out, nature’s sound,
Life thrives wherever they stand,
Vibrancy – oh, so grand,
Diversity’s mainstay is the tree,
Nature’s eternal poetry

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by Anthony North
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Nightmare Poet

The nightmare poet is in your head,
You can’t resist what he said,
His names are many from Poe to King,
A macabre danse, they do their thing,
No matter that you put up a fight,
If you’ve read them, pleasant dreams …
And nite, nite

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